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he activities all of us do today are actively shaping the transport and logistics of the future. Of course, we are faced with many challenges in this industry and not all of them are easily solvable. At the same time, there are lots of new opportunities opening up for us if we use modern technology, focus on well-thought-out solutions and test out innovative design. As the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group, we take on the responsibility of clearing the way for you to take the best possible path.

We want to support you in your challenges and offer exactly the right products and solutions to suit your needs. Looking to the future is therefore something that is firmly embedded in our company’s philosophy. Whilst working on future development we select those that will enable us to be successful in the long term. Our ‘Denkfabrik’ at the transport logistic trade fair will provide a platform for visions to create new opportunities in the future.

When developing specific solutions, we rely on the competence of strong partners – as in the collaboration we have with the Liebherr Group, a family business like us that offers outstanding refrigeration expertise. The result of this collaboration is called Celsineo and takes cold transport to a completely new level: you can find out more about it in this edition of trailerforum, as well as about other developments from our Group, which are shaping the intelligent transport of tomorrow. We look forward to continuing to do this in conjunction with you!

Enjoy reading this issue – we hope it will give you some fantastic inspiration for your projects!

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Bernard Krone, Managing Partner of Bernard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG

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