Realms of service

When companies invest in service, their customers know how to show their appreciation: They give good grades, remain loyal, and are even prepared to pay for added value. As a service provider, you can score points with a good customer hotline, surveys that don’t take too long, and more.

 81% OF COMMUNICATION IS CONVEYED THROUGH BODY LANGUAGE: 55 % - gestures / facial expressions, 26 % - voice, 19 % - content.

 SERVICE SATISFACTION IS INCREASING: Most customers give companies in Germany a grade of 2.00 to 2.5 (the equivalent of an A- to about a B+).

 SUCCESS THROUGH CONVERSATION: Three out of four executives from 19 industries worldwide consider personal communication to be crucial to their business success.

 TO MANY PEOPLE, A BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS WORTH MORE: 80 % would pay more money for this, 10 % would even pay an extra half of the price for it.

 CUSTOMER CARDS INCREASE CUSTOMER LOYALTY: 55 % of Payback cardholders went shopping in the same supermarket again within 30 days. For those without a card, the rate was only 49 %.

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 DIGITAL PRICE COMPARISON: 82% look for offers on their smartphone, 39% compare the prices on site in the shop.

 ONLINE SURVEYS: Browser - 12 minutes, mobile - 9 minutes. An online survey should not take longer than 12 minutes because otherwise many participants will quit; on mobile devices, they already stop after nine minutes.

 A MIX OF METHODS IN MARKET RESEARCH*: 7% - written, 20 % - Face to face, 36 % - phone interviews, 35 % - online.
* Figures for 2016

 PHONING IS THE BEST FORM OF CONTACT: When it comes to customer service, 83 % of users prefer to engage in personal discussions. 67 % consider online offers to be too slow and not intuitive enough.

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