A Life Cycle Book for every vehicle

The Dutch transport service provider Olof-MTT relies on Krone Telematics for its demanding customers in the automotive industry and professional handling of its own fleet.

he automotive industry places the highest demands on logistics service providers and to ensure just-in-time production, every component must be available absolutely on time. The Dutch freight forwarder Olof-MTT has specialised in this challenging business: Since the mid-2000s, it has been transporting goods for the automotive industry as well as white goods between the European Mainland and Great Britain. Krone Telematics is installed in the 450 high-volume megatrailers that Olof-MTT maintains in its own fleet – not only to track deliveries and to guarantee a high level of security, but also to manage the processing of all documents relevant to the transport in a simple, fast and professional manner.
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“In addition to good handling and high reliability, Krone Telematics offers more functions than other providers.”

René Louwers,
co-owner Olof-MTT



“The transport industry is still working with paper to a great extent in 2020, even if this is no longer up-to-date and practical,” explains Rene Louwers, one of the owners of Olof-MTT. His vision is that freight transport will soon be as simple as delivering a parcel with a parcel service provider: “The recipient simply signs on his mobile phone or tablet and everything is done”. At Krone he found an important tool on the way there: “Krone’s telematics offers us many options with which we can digitally store, process and exchange the papers”. Documents that belong to the trailer, such as load securing protocols, certificates, for example from the TUV, or checkin and check-out protocols, can be uploaded into the system. The customers decide which documents they want to store there and can maintain them digitally: This creates an individual Life Cycle Book for each vehicle. “In addition to good handling and high reliability, Krone Telematics offers more functions than other providers,” says Louwers. “That is why we have chosen this product.” The Krone Smart Collect Modem convinced with the high quality of the hardware and long battery life: Olof-MTT relies on these features, especially in combined transport, which the company is increasingly using because of the advantages for climate protection.
The company consistently relies on Krone quality in its vehicle fleet.
The company consistently relies on Krone quality in its vehicle fleet.


Louwers is in close contact with the developers from Werlte, in order to incorporate their experience into the continuous development of the Smart Trailer Check App. It enables drivers to check in and out easily and to hand over vehicles from one colleague to another. For a customer such as this freight forwarder, in addition to this higher-level communication in day-to-day business, the most important thing is that the support is right. The Krone Telematics team therefore places great value on very dynamic and short-term reactions. Jan Hermeling from Krone Telematics sales explains: “Only a functioning support and service makes a telematics product successful”. With this support Olof-MTT continues on its way. Although plans to expand the vehicle fleet and in perspective, even to double it, were initially put on hold by Brexit and Covid-19, Rene Louwers has complete confidence in the strengths of the family business: “All problems are challenges and we will overcome them. As a relatively small company, we have the advantage of being able to give our customers much more attention than larger service providers. That’s probably what many forwarding agents say, but: 98 percent of our deliveries arrive on time!”

Photos: Olof-MTT

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