Martial arts meets dance and acrobatics

Anatoli Wolfram from technical order processing coaches and teaches capoeira in his spare time.

he Brazilian art of movement which combines martial arts, dance and music-that’s Capoeira. Two capoeiristas face each other whilst instruments such as the Berimbau and drums are played.

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AGE: 35
SINCE: 2011

“I immediately liked the versatility,” explains Anatoli Wolfram, who has been practising capoeira himself for about six years. In his working life, the 35 year-old works in the technical order processing department at Brüggen, where he enters new purchase orders, creates parts lists and answers any technical questions. The interaction of capoeristas is similar to working in a team. “I think you are more sensitive and empathetic. You develop more understanding for others and can therefore better respond to their needs. Concentration is also something I have learnt, and my work requires fast reactions and attention to detail too: I have to read construction specifications very carefully and work with numerous spare parts on the parts lists.”


Anatoli Wolfram first came into contact with this extraordinary sport in 2011 at the Unisport in Vechta, where he lived during his dual study programme. “I tried it out and liked it straight away,” he remembers. He kept it up and trained intensively. He quickly gained experience and took the exams. Just like in karate, you need to do these in capoeira to earn your belts. Later, he came across a training group in his hometown of Lingen. He has since taken over as coach. Today, he teaches one adult group and one for children aged six to eleven. The sport is demanding: The movements are complex and it challenges the whole body. Adults benefit from it as it strengthens the back. Children can use it to act out their natural urge to move. “Capoeira is quite an individual sport but really, it is much more than just sport; it is in fact a philosophy of life,” explains Anatoli. “You have to like it and give yourself up to the acrobatics, the movements. I really like it.”

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