»When the going gets tough, we’ll be there«

The Hegelmann Group is a specialist in all kinds of custom transport solutions – particularly for spot transport at short notice.

»When the going gets tough, we’ll be there« Image 1
unday, at 7pm - a phone call: a big client needs 20 mega trailers – later today, for the same day. “For orders like this, you need both the technology and the flexibility to implement it, as well as motivated employees to organise it all on a weekend,” explains Siegfried Hegelmann. He is one of the managers at the Hegelmann Group who provides exactly that for your customers. As experts in Europewide transport of various specifications: special, standard and non-stop express deliveries, the Hegelmann Group moves around 2,000 vehicles in its scheduling. “When the going gets tough, we’ll be there.” – Hegelmann summarises a challenging business, where the daily individual needs of its customers determine which transport requirements his company handles. In doing so, you are often at the limit of what is physically possible: “We provide the full range of services a lorry has to offer.” In order to manage that, above all you need good personnel management: “Our qualified team is large enough to cover the peaks that arise and due to our multilingualism, we don’t have any language barriers with our international customers.”
The cooperation began at the IAA 2016: Since then, the Hegelmann Group has purchased 1,000 Krone trailers. In 2018, it opens a new logistics center in Kaunas, Lithuania, with an area of over 25,000 square meters.
The cooperation began at the IAA 2016: Since then, the Hegelmann Group has purchased 1,000 Krone trailers. In 2018, it opens a new logistics center in Kaunas, Lithuania, with an area of over 25,000 square meters.


In the coming year, the Group will be celebrating its 20th anniversary: the company was founded by the Hegelmann brothers in 1998. Back then, it started out with just one lorry; now it has become international: In addition to its original site in Karlsdorf-Neuthard in Baden Württemberg in the district of Karlsruhe, the Group also maintains other sites in Germany and abroad, including in Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Kazakhstan. More recently, it is also represented in France and the Ukraine. At 900 per cent, growth has been disproportionately high in the years since 2010. “We are drawing 2017 to a successful close, too, and aim to continue this development up to 2020.” That should be achieved by further diversifying the range of services and developing existing key accounts. In addition to the automotive and silo transport areas started in 2017, a specialist department for air freight is currently under development. For a while now, the Group has been concentrating on geographical subsidiary locations like Scandinavia and the CIS countries, as well as the transport market in central Europe. “Are special deliveries actually needed? We see evidence of demand for these day-in, day-out - from industry players and small and medium-size businesses,” explains Siegfried Hegelmann. “Customers particularly appreciate our ability to handle large fluctuations in volume and to do all that with excellent service.”


He and his team must prove their high level of problem- solving expertise again and again and create customised and tailored concepts. “That asks a lot of us and our employees. But it is also very exciting.” Siegfried Hegelmann is well aware that the main reason he can stay on this path is because he is supported by competent suppliers like Krone Commercial Vehicle Group. “We maintain close ties and value their good advice,” says the businessman. “We need a wide range of vehicles for our flexible services - from Profi Liners to the silo truck with the appropriate superstructures and certifications.” In the past twelve months, the Hegelmann Group has purchased 500 additional vehicles and wants to further increase that number by up to 1,000 next year. “We are regularly fully booked, which is why we are expanding the fleet so significantly,” explains Hegelmann. Further locations in Europe will also be set up in order to offer customers even more flexibility.

Photos: Hegelmann Express

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