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Extended trailers or an artistically designed tarpaulin: These companies rely on the proven quality of Krone trailers.


St. Lukas-Heim, whose activities include running housing for people with disabilities in the Emsland region, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a big party in Papenburg. Krone donated a tarpaulin, designed by residents of the facilities, for the home’s trailer on this special occasion.
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This semi-trailer, equipped with Krone Telematics, promotes a research project on the environmentally-friendly use of lorries at the TU Braunschweig. In addition to the Wandt Spedition from Braunschweig, Krone Commercial Vehicle SE is an important partner in this project.
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Sastrans, founded in Przystajn (Silesia / Poland) in 2003, is a Europewide transport operator. The company’s fleet includes a 100 curtainsider trailers. The 100th vehicle is a new Krone Mega Liner.
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This Polish forwarding company Megatranslaw was founded in 2004. Its big breakthrough came in 2010 when it made its venture into the international transport market. Now the company has just taken delivery of its 100th trailer from Krone.
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Uwe Zemke and Torsten Kreibig, drivers at Spedition Bode, have collected two extended trailers (14.9 metres) for the company. The cargo is moved between Lübeck and Stockholm via a train service.
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Photos: Krone

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