“You need a lot of staying power”

Controller, Georg Schlangen, rides mountain bikes and road bikes.

or Georg Schlangen, sports have always been a part of his life: He played football until the age of 34, changed over to running and in 2011, finally switched to mountain bikes. “At first, cycling was just supposed to balance out running, but then I attended riding technique courses and that motivated me enormously,” says the 44-year-old.

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AGE: 44

Georg Schlangen has also been road cycling since 2015. The father of six-year-old twins sees the sport as a way of balancing out the intensity of everyday life with work and family. In the competitions, in which he participates, his goal is therefore not to be placed high in the rankings or obtaining the best times. “I’m not a professional; it’s a hobby for me,” he explained. “When I ride a bike, I can really unwind. After a training session, I find completely new motivation.” Nevertheless, the races require goal-oriented training and great stamina: “For that, you need a lot of staying power,” says Schlangen. Cycling also cultivates mental strength and is synonymous with discipline and teamwork, as well as with equanimity. He brings all this to his workplace: he works at Krone in Werlte in controlling.


Georg Schlangen invests approximately five to ten hours into his training per week. For this, he not only rides on the road, but even rides at home with the help of a roller trainer, on which he mounts his racing bike. “For me, every two hours of training feels like a whole day’s vacation,” says Schlangen. In 2016, he set off on a mountain tour for the first time, riding the “Grossglockner High Alpine Road” in Austria from Zell am See to the Großglockner. For 2018, he plans to take part in the Ötztal Cycle Marathon: In spring, Schlangen was selected to be one of 4,000 participants. The goal is to reach 238 kilometres in fewer than 13:45 hours, with an elevation gain of 5,500 metres. “That has long been a big dream of mine,” explains Schlangen. “The race through two countries, four climatic zones and over no fewer than four Alpine passes is considered the unofficial world championship of non-professional riders – a kind of accolade for any amateur cyclist who can do it.”

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