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The Wedolo logistics platform of BGL, SVG and Kravag is intended to make the day-to-day business of companies in the road transport sector easier. Professor Dirk Engelhardt, Board Spokesperson of the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (Federal Association of Goods Vehicle Transport, Logistics and Disposal (BGL)) explains how it works:

What exactly is Wedolo and who is it designed for?
“Wedolo” is a digital platform for the logistics industry which offers simple solutions to complex problems and challenges. With just a few clicks, employees can bring greater transparency to their road transport companies, optimise the way processes run and thereby save time and money. Wedolo provides services for all areas of business – departure checks, breakdowns, billing, looking for parking spaces and training. The petrol station search, for example, can be used to quickly find the cheapest petrol station in the area; you also have access to the emergency and crisis app, which provides drivers with assistance in the event of an accident, breakdown, environmental damage or illness. All of this works with a single sign-on: the user logs in just once, so only needs one password, but can access his accounts with BGL, SVG and Kravag.
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“With Wedolo we want to offer our member companies additional benefits.

Professor Dirk Engelhardt,
Board Spokesperson of the Bundesverband
Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL)


Why has the BGL got involved in this platform?
With Wedolo we want to offer our member companies additional benefits from their membership of the association, as it has to have concrete advantages. And working with Wedolo is one of them. With our involvement we also want to make clear the change in the BGL from an association that is mainly active in industry politics to a service association that is active in industry politics. We also want to raise our profile through Wedolo and move closer to our member companies. Moreover, it was clear that we wanted to work with our long-term partners SVG and Kravag again.

What does the BGL get out of the collaboration for its work?
The three strong partners BGL, Kravag and SVG are, of course, moving even closer together through this partnership – to the benefit of our common target audience: the German road transport industry.
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Registration with Wedolo is free of charge. Customers and members of Kravag, SVG and BGL can register. The owners or managing directors of the company have to create a user account, which employees can then join. The intention is to develop the portal in future and add further services.

Several transport companies were involved in creating the platform. What was their input?
In numerous workshops, we filtered out what the most user-friendly layout of the pages should be and which services are actually required. Because Wedolo should reflect the needs of companies and offer the right solutions.

What do you like personally about Wedolo?
The shared approach to finding solutions that help the industry to move forward.
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