The individual way to precisely tailor-made vehicle financing

Krone advises its customers with a high level of financial, industry and vehicle expertise on the optimal financing.

ustomers must be flexible in order to meet the needs of their clients, to be able to react quickly in scheduling and also to remain liquid. In terms of financial flexibility, the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group supports its customers with tailor-made financing solutions. The Krone Finance team with vehicle financing specialists advises on the possibilities of tailor-made financing. “We'll discuss it with everyone. The buyer individually decides which way is the best for him”, explains Markus Böhmann (Head of Sales Financing). “Even if customers already have a very concrete idea of the type of financing they would like to choose, it is worth talking to us. Often we find a better way.” The colleagues from Krone Finance then discuss all relevant key points: “It is important for us to find out what the individual customer's requirements and wishes are, e.g. whether he wants to use depreciation. We collect the information and select the product that best meets his needs.”

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There are various ways to finance a vehicle: e.g. leasing, hire purchase and credit. Off-balance sheet leasing increases liquidity and the customer only pays the part of the investment costs corresponding to the use, with his instalments. At the end of the agreed duration of the contract we will negotiate an extension, return or purchase of the property. The advantage of hire purchase is that the vehicle is included in the fixed assets from the time of delivery and individual depreciation is therefore possible. Fixed monthly installments provide secure planning, and the trailer becomes property at the end of the contract term without further payment. With credit, as with hire purchase, all depreciation options can be used, and the fixed monthly rate forms an exact calculation basis. In the export business, we also offer financing solutions via letters of credit, bank payment obligations, buyer and supplier credits.

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 tailor-made solutions for every need – leasing, hire purchase or credit
extension of the financial room for manoeuvre
tailor-made products and financing from a single source
competent, comprehensive advice
contacts with sound financial, vehicle and industry knowledge
individual down payment and redemption
fast processing


The support provided by Krone Finance for the purchase of a Krone trailer offers several advantages: “We offer everything from a single source, enabling fast processing and saving the customer time and effort”, says Markus Böhmann. “We work with a large network of financing partners and not only have extensive financial and industry knowledge, but also detailed vehicle knowledge. We are very familiar with the technical equipment of the vehicles and their value development over their entire life cycle. This allows for more precise support in flexible purchasing.”

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