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The makers of the YouTube channel “Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell” from Munich are convinced of this and want to create awareness. Their clips on topics from science, space travel, technology, biology, history and philosophy are intended to inspire people to learn – quickly, vividly and colourfully.


The info portal for safe mobile phone use is a platform for consumers and provides information specifically on the topics of security and data protection for smartphones. The editorial team explains settings, gives app tips and researches background information to help users keep an eye on privacy and security on mobile devices.


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DENKFABRIK – The Ideas Factory: Krone's specialist podcast will from now on discuss the most important topics in the logistics industry with leading experts every Thursday as well as exciting perspectives and ways of thinking.


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In her book “Unsere Welt neu denken. Eine Einladung”, Political economist Maja Göpel provides an apt and evocative analysis of our growth-oriented economy. It focuses on our form of economic activity and the resulting consequences for human coexistence. Maja Göpel's invitation is to look at the future in a new and completely different way.
“Unsere Welt neu denken. Eine Einladung” (Rethinking our World. An Invitation)
Maja Göpel, Ullstein-Verlag


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The film “Wer wir waren” (Who we were), based on the book by Roger Willemsen, is an intensive meeting with six important thinkers and scientists of our time. They look at the current state of the world and deal with the question of how future generations will think about us.


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What can artificial intelligence do? How does global warming work? The Futurium, which opened in Berlin in 2019, is a house of futures that looks at how we want to live in the future. The exhibition is divided into three large sections: Nature, man and technology. One key topic is the “Future of Mobility".
Photos: X Verleih, Ullstein Verlag, David von Becker

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