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All the way to Sweden and the Nordic Trophy

Andreas Bülow, a team member with the deliveries department in Brüggen, uses his free time to restore a Scania towing vehicle.

bit of polishing here, adjusting the rear-view mirror there: Before a vehicle leaves the yard in Lübtheen, Andreas Bülow casts a watchful gaze over every detail. The 36-year-old team member of deliveries in Brüggen is working hard on restoring a 1995 Scania towing vehicle during his free time. Before heading off to truck meets, every nook and cranny is lovingly cleaned: “When it comes to looks, everything has to be perfect. This means getting the very best out of every detail,” Bülow explains. Such attention to detail is something that he is a stickler for in the job – just like his passion for commercial vehicles. It's definitely in the blood: “My father was a traffic manager, and my uncle is a long-distance truck driver. Even as a kid I would spend the holidays on tour with him in the passenger seat.” He himself went on to become a professional truck driver, for which he completed an apprenticeship in freight forwarding, and spent 15 years working as a driver, dispatcher and vehicle fleet manager. He's been a member of the deliveries team at Brüggen in Lübtheen for about four years.

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AGE: 37
SINCE: 2012

“At some point it occurred to me that I would like to own a truck of my own,” he explains, looking back. In 2012, he came across a SCANIA 143 420 V8. “It has a wonderful sound to it and a great looking design.” The truck, which also has its own body, had been converted into a mobile home by the previous owner.

Bülow modified the chassis and wheelbase, transforming it from a truck with a fixed body to a semi-trailer towing vehicle. He also shortened, de-rusted and painted the chassis and incorporated a number of refurbished parts. The task of painting the cabin is still on the to-do list. The interior was carefully reworked with the help of a reamer, thread and buttons: “I feel right at home when it comes to the technical details, but the upholstery was something I had to discover for myself. But thankfully my partner lent me a real helping hand on this one.”


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It's a long way to go until the finished article: “Every year, there are bits and pieces to be done. I take my time when it comes to searching for old parts – and to keep the costs down. Once the vehicle is classified as an antique (or old timer) from 2025 onwards, this opens up a whole host of new options without increasing costs. At the moment I make it to two or three truck meets a year – including all the way up to Sweden to take in the Nordic Trophy Truckshow. And he has a dream: “To go on a real tour with the truck, perhaps even as part of an aid transport operation, e.g. to the Ukraine – yes, that's my main goal.”
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