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Defending against an attack with the right technique

Dr Goy Hinrich Korn, CIO and authorised representative at Krone, trains in Aikido together with his son.

ikido is a Japanese martial art that teaches a range of techniques that allow its students to skilfully deflect an attack – a beautifully aesthetic sport that trains the entire body and, above all else, enhances mobility. And it's exactly that benefit that appeals to Dr Goy Hinrich Korn: “Since I've been training in Aikido, I no longer have any back pain. It's the ideal accompaniment to running, something that I also do regularly.” But the biggest motivation for starting with Aikido two years ago, explains the CIO and authorised representative of Bernard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG, was being able to do the sport together with his 17-year-old son: “I wanted a hobby that we could share and spend time on together.” Something he values equally with his 19-year-old daughter: The two regularly go sailing together – a hobby that Korn also shares with his wife. Sport is something that the whole family feels a strong connection with.   

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AGE: 54
SINCE: 2017

Aikido training always takes place on Sundays. “My son is even more active, training 1-2 times more per week, which means that he's been able to do two tests and be awarded a belt – the so-called Kyu,” explains Korn. “I have to invest more time in the training, to prepare for the tests. But the job doesn’t leave much time for much else. “I do still want to try, however, to reach this goal this year.”


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Aikido is all about reacting to your opponent’s attack and using their energy to bring them to the floor. “It's less about fighting and more about demonstrating that you can execute the underlying techniques of this martial art well,” explains Goy Hinrich Korn. “To make sure you don't seriously injure your opponent, everything has to be done in a clean, precise movement and with real focus.” He loves the fact that the sport bolsters self-confidence. “Simply knowing that if push came to shove you could deal with an attacker is good to know. I think that's particularly important for my son. I myself feel safer now when I go running in the dark.” His experience from Aikido training has also helped him take a more balanced approach to negotiations. “The thing I love most about Aikido is that it is a very aesthetic sport. The wonderfully flowing movements that the blackbelt Masters pull off look very graceful indeed.”
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