“Digital technology can help to avoid empty runs”

The intelligent freight room monitoring system at Krone is ready for series production. Hendrik Schniederbruns, project manager within telematics and digitisation at Krone, sheds some light on how the system can help to solve one of the biggest problems facing the transport industry.

“Digital technology can help to avoid empty runs” Image 1


“Digital technology can help to avoid empty runs” Image 2

Hendrik Schniederbruns, born in 1990, has been in the Department for Research / Pre-Development and Electronics since 2016, under the management of Kurt Kunz. He joined the business directly after completing his Masters in Mechatronic Systems Engineering. Before coming on board, he had also completed his bachelor thesis in Mechatronics in the agricultural machinery division at Krone.

Is the system better suited to freight forwarding businesses with a large vehicle fleet, or can it also benefit smaller operators?
It's suitable for everyone. Even our smaller-scale customers, who may operate up to ten vehicles, can benefit from this system and use even more of their loading space. Of course, it all depends primarily on the value of the goods being transported. Our sales team is happy to advise and, using a whole host of different application scenarios, can precisely state the benefits of using such technology.

What else will Smart Scan enable in future?
We will work together with freight exchanges, which bring together carriers, freight forwarders and businesses. The relevant interfaces will let us connect transport and order management systems that will facilitate an automated process that links all participating stakeholders, allowing free loading space to be booked directly. Technically, such a feat is already possible but it has to become a mainstream phenomenon in the transport world – and that takes time.

Photos: Krone

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