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he world continues to face some major challenges: With the renewed flare-up of the pandemic during winter, restrictions in many areas of our day-to-day lives have once again returned. However, it has become clear that even under these difficult conditions, maintaining supplies to the population is crucial and in this regard, transport and logistics plays a major part. In these times, they are demonstrating with particular clarity just how strong and reliable they are. Behind the many trucks on Europe’s roads are you as entrepreneurs – with all your heart and soul, your professionalism and your strength!

As the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group, we are always at your side – with high quality products, practical services and tailored advice. We focus on new technologies and mould them into innovations that offer real benefits for you in everyday transport operations – making your services safer, as well as more sustainable, efficient and economical. For example, in this issue of trailerforum you will discover the eLTU 40, a new container chassis that handles around 150 kilos more payload. We will show how a refrigeration truck is rendered emission-free and just how much power is hidden within close cooperation. With all these topics, cost-effectiveness is always the top priority and with our products and services, we can ensure that you enjoy genuine financial savings. And even in view of the current tense situation on the procurement markets, especially with regard to raw materials, we are doing everything in our power to keep our own supply chains intact and to complete your orders for you on time.

We wish you plenty of success and inspiration when reading this magazine! Stay healthy and always know your strengths!

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Dr Frank Albers, Managing Director Sales and Marketing

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