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As to whether the installation of an expensive original spare part is still worthwhile for a slightly older trailer is a frequent question in day-to-day freight forwarding work. With the new spare parts brand “Krone Trusted”, there is now an interesting alternative: it now offers tested brand-name spare parts across Europe, which can be up to 50 per cent cheaper than the original spare part. The product range, which Krone will continuously expand, currently includes everything from ABS sensors, brake drums and air suspension bellows to disc brake pads; it also includes axle makes such as BPW, Jost, Sauer and Schmitz Cargobull. Of course, all parts are covered by a twelve-month warranty. The new Krone Trusted range significantly reduces the cost of spare parts, thereby enabling transport companies to operate more sustainably. However, Krone Trusted is not just available for Krone vehicles. You will find an overview of our current offers online at:


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Users of Krone Telematics and Cargobull Telematics can now access data for all vehicles with just one click – regardless of the telematics hardware installed and the portal being used. The two leading trailer manufacturers have opened up their standardised interfaces for each other’s system.


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It is a sad number: 60 per cent of all rear-end collisions between cars and trucks or trailers end in fatality, according to the “German In-Depth Accident Study” (GIDAS). The EU, therefore, has stipulated the fitting of a new rear underride guard with increased force absorption from September 2021 – combined with reduced lane distance. This should significantly mitigate the consequences of such accidents. Krone has developed an innovative rear underride guard that can result in up to 78 per cent fewer rear-end collisions ending in fatality, and up to 49 per cent fewer rear-end collisions resulting in serious injury. The company has already started conversion work involving the first product variants in series production before the deadline of 1 September: The rear end has been completely redesigned, while materials of a higher quality – such as high-strength steel – ensure even greater stability, and the modified system suspension provides significantly more safety in road traffic.


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Dr Bernard and Heinz Krone spotted the gap in the German market precisely: in 1996, they sold the first refrigerated boxes from the American company Wabash. And with that came the birth of today’s “Cool Liner”. Four years later, Krone took over the Danish company Norfrig A/S. Together, they went on to develop the vehicle into a truly successful product.


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The new Light Safety Sandwich Floor from Krone was awarded the “Trailer Innovation 2021” prize in the category “Safety” at the Virtual Commercial Vehicle Trade Fair MFB 2020 (Messe Fahrzeugbau). It consists of high-strength special foam with stabilising GRP top layers, saves roughly 100 kilograms in weight and is particularly suitable for open construction material trailers. The driver no longer needs to lay out any additional anti-slip materials on top and can dispense with lashing equipment that would otherwise be necessary.
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