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From Bayreuth, Austria or Kazakhstan: freight forwarders from near and far come to Werlte to pick up their vehicles. These customers were happy about new swap bodies, Mega Liners and Cool Liners.


When transporting cardboard boxes, Toni Hotz uses long vehicle combinations for routes from Rhineland-Palatinate, as this pays off on short trips. The fleet of the family-run company, which has worked with Krone since 1995, is now being expanded to include a Mega Liner.
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Steinbach Spedition & Logistik from Bayreuth specialises in building material, glass and cardboard packaging logistics. The Krone Mega Liner is ideal for this: The company has purchased 90 new vehicles with telematics from Krone.
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Representatives of Spedition Porebski picked up their 45th Krone vehicle in Werlte. The Polish company, which was founded in 1990, has a modern headquarters in Mszana Dolna in the south of the country. From there, international transport is organised using a fleet of approximately 150 units.
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The refrigerated transport expert has received the 1000th Cool Liner from Krone Fleet Denmark. And the next 225 refrigerated trailers are already ordered. N&K Spedition, based in Esbjerg, Germany, specialises in the transport of fresh and frozen goods to Western and Eastern Europe. A large part of the fleet is rail-compatible and equipped with meathang execution.
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Blaha, an office furniture manufacturer from Austria, is expanding its fleet by eight swap bodies and a swap body trailer from Krone. Edmund Beck, Head of Logistics and Assembly for the traditional family business, says: “It allows us to offer our customers even more flexibility.”
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Photos: Krone

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