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Many customers have had a long connection with Krone, others are collecting their first vehicle: the companies that we describe here with their new products use both the technology and the appearance of the trailers for the success of their businesses.


Fred Donzelmann, Managing Director of the international Spedition Donzelmann, collected this Coil Liner with mega chassis, hydraulic rear extension and XXL tarpaulin. It was handed over by Regional Sales Manager Ralf Untiedt. The company has been loyal to Krone for a long time: it was one of the 50 original customers.
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Alexander Michel from the company Michel Transporte from Überherrn in Saarland is a brand new customer. He picked up his first Krone trailer in Werlte: a Profi Liner with Krone axle, IceProtect Air and a tarpaulin with wire netting for theft protection.
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Spedition Peiffer is using the tarpaulins on its five new Mega Liners for a rolling campaign: the company is recruiting new drivers with them. Owner Axel Peiffer collected the vehicles from Werlte in person. They are equipped with Krone Telematics and protected with the Fair Care full service package, which also covers the tyres.
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The international Polish shipping company Agmaz has ordered 290 Profi Liners. Owner Łukasz Mazur picked up the first 140 units in person from Werlte. The total vehicle fleet of the company will now comprise 500 vehicles. 700 drivers and 60 office staff work for Agmaz. In addition to extending the fleet, the company headquarters is currently being modernised.
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The company Transtar from Erkelenz in North Rhine-Westphalia is a logistics service provider that operates throughout Europe. The current vehicle fleet of over 100 units has again been expanded to include two Profi Liners.
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