The chassis for any container

Lightweight design, fast and easy to swap over, and excellent load distribution: The Krone eLTU70 container chassis provides the flexibility that many shipping companies need in their day-to-day business.

hether it’s 20, 40 or even 45 feet; the light-weight (4,640 kg) and multi-functional Krone eLTU70 container chassis can accommodate all container sizes. It’s the perfect equipment for shipping companies that require plenty of flexibility. Various wheelbases and extension positions allow the load distribution to be adapted to two-axle and three-axle semi-trailer vehicles: the load is therefore distributed optimally and the vehicle runs perfectly. The adjustable wheelbase is used by customers who transport rear flush-fitting 20-foot containers and want to improve the wheel load. With the special compact design of the rear, Krone is the only provider on the market that manages to double the additional wheel load with a centre telescope – by up to a tonne! The axle load reduces accordingly and the permitted load capacity increases by the same amount. That provides higher fifth-wheel pressure and traction, and therefore more driving stability and safety, especially on wet or icy roads.


For LWT Containertrucking from Hamburg, that was a very important argument in favour of using the chassis. The company ordered one of the first six vehicles in the zero series of the eLTU70 as a test vehicle and put it through its paces for over a year in the working conditions of the port and roads around Hamburg. LWT is a specialist in transporting hazardous goods and brings fireworks, explosives and chemicals from the port of Hamburg to customers in a radius of around 150 kilometres. “It’s the Krone chassis that helps us the most with this,” explains general manager Thomas Lüth. “It more than meets all of our requirements. The drivers are also very happy with the handling of the Krone chassis. Everything fits into place.”
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“It more than meets all of our requirements. The drivers are also very happy with the handling. Everything fits into place.

Thomas Lüth,
Authorised Representative at LWT Containertrucking


For local orders, the chassis often has to be converted several times a day: “We operate with ten different container formats.” Above all, conversion has to be quick and easy. Among other things, this is made possible by the fact that the rear extension is on a spring-mounted extension support – designed at the suggestion of Thomas Lüth, and even put into series production. “The supports also have the advantage that they are much cheaper to replace if they get damaged.” Thomas Lüth has opted for a rear extension that operates with a smooth-running crank. “It’s cheaper and more practical for us than pneumatic cylinders,” says Lüth. The rear lights integrated into the rear container bar with this chassis also keep the costs down: it provides the best possible protection against damage. As an option, a pneumatic motor can be fitted in the rear extension: Krone is the only manufacturer to use this low-consumption, high-quality technology, which ensures a significantly longer service life and lower lifecycle costs.


The vehicle fleet of LWT Containertrucking comprises 17 tractor units and 25 chassis. Most of them are from Krone. The quality, in particular, was what impressed during the purchase – and the fact that the vehicles are easy to repair: as a qualified metalworker, Lüth often gets involved himself. He uses the Krone spare parts shop for this, where he can order online quickly and directly himself. The personal support is also a crucial factor in his decision to buy from Krone: “Whenever I have a question, I give them a call and get help immediately. They look after you!”
LWT Containertrucking handles a large number of local orders: the container chassis really comes into its own here.
LWT Containertrucking handles a large number of local orders: the container chassis really comes into its own here.

Photos: LWT

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