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Proven quality at a favourable price

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The new Krone Trusted spare parts brand enables timely repairs at a favourable price with the best quality – this has been well received in the market. “Both nationally and internationally, we are experiencing a very positive and great response,” says Ralf Faust, Managing Director Service of the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group. The Krone Trusted brand was launched in early 2021 and has so far exceeded all expectations: It has been very well received by workshops and transport companies, and many Krone customers are already ordering regularly from the Krone Spare Parts online shop, which can be reached at According to Ewald Gronewald, Sales Manager DACH Spare Parts / Krone Trusted, customers particularly appreciate the proven quality they have come to expect from Krone: “We purchase spare parts directly from various well-known manufacturers such as BPW, SAF or Jost, who also deliver to our assembly line as original equipment. In addition, we provide a twelve-month warranty on all parts.”
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Ewald Gronewald and his team visit customers and interested parties personally on site. The market particularly appreciates this individual advice. More than 300 different Krone Trusted spare parts are already available in the online shop and cover more than 80 per cent of common wear parts. The range extends from axle parts and ABS sensors to brake drums, air suspension bellows and disc brake pads. The tested brand-name spare parts are up to 50 per cent cheaper than original spare parts and can be ordered throughout Europe. They are not only suitable for Krone vehicles, but also for most trailers from other manufacturers. Ralf Faust plans to expand the brand significantly: “Spare parts of the usual Krone quality are an important component of the Krone 360° Trailer Service.

They support us in achieving our goal of further optimising the life cycle costs in our customers' fleets. Especially when it comes to cost-intensive axles, the costs for wear and maintenance can be significantly reduced in large fleets with mixed vehicle fleets thanks to Krone Trusted.”


Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, truck drivers on the road depend on uninterrupted access to sanitary facilities. Krone, therefore, is supporting the “DocStop” initiative once again. Together with Paul Schockemöhle Logistics, the company is assuming the rental costs of a sanitary container complete with toilet and shower on the premises of the forwarding company – directly on the motorway A1, motorway exit Holdorf, as part of the #Logisticshelp campaign.


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50 years ago, the company Krone started producing commercial vehicles in Werlte. The site was built up from 1964 as an extension of the Spell agricultural machinery production. Since 1971, only commercial vehicles have been produced at the Werlte site. Today, the plant in Emsland is the largest production facility for trailers in Europe: About 1,200 employees produce around 30,000 units of per year on 87 hectares of land.


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The Cool Liner THT New Cool from Krone and its Dutch partner THT have been awarded the “Green Truck Innovation 2021” award. The prize is awarded by the trade magazines Verkehrs-Rundschau and Trucker. The THT New Cool is an electrically powered refrigerated semi-trailer that is ideal for food transport in inner cities and conurbations: The second trailer axle is converted to a recuperation axle, which feeds electrical energy to a battery pack mounted longitudinally under the floor. This storage unit, which weighs only 320 kilograms, supplies the all-electric cooling unit with electricity through intelligent control electronics – so the trailer manages completely without a diesel unit. Fuel consumption (and thus also CO2 and particulate emissions) are significantly reduced, and the cooling unit is also much quieter.


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With “Kravag Truck Parking”, the insurance company wants to alleviate the parking shortage for truck drivers. Freight forwarders and companies offer free parking spaces on their premises via the app of the same name, which can then be booked directly by drivers and dispatchers. Krone is providing four places to support the programme: two at the new vehicle delivery site at the Werlte trailer plant and two at the Krone site in Spelle. Truck drivers whose haulage companies belong to the Kravag Truck Parking network can reserve a space with just a few clicks and gain access to secure areas with toilets and showers. Erich Kraft, Head of Delivery in Werlte, explains: “We are pleased to be able to support this valuable campaign and want to underline our appreciation for the drivers. That is why Krone is offering these four places free of charge.”


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The Krone Cool Liner celebrates its anniversary in 2021: 25 years young – that’s our refrigerated semi-trailer! It all started in 1996: With the Krone Wabash, the vehicle plant expanded its product range at that time – in cooperation with the world’s largest trailer manufacturer from the USA. When an increasingly strong dollar drove up import costs, Krone took over the Scandinavian manufacturer Norfrig A/S in 2000 and then set up its own factory in Lübtheen, Mecklenburg in 2007.
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