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25 years of Cool Liner! The refrigerated trailer from Krone celebrates its birthday in 2021. In a quarter of a century it has steadily evolved from the riveted aluminium box to the current premium refrigerated semi-trailer. In this, its anniversary year, the product has been enhanced still further with numerous new features.

The newly designed evaporator guard of the Krone Cool Liner has been significantly improved in terms of stability and is designed to swivel, which optimises the protection of the bulkhead and cooling unit and noticeably simplifies cleaning and servicing. The plastic plate used instead of hollow aluminium profiles results in a weight saving of 25 per cent and prevents contamination of the load.

The multi-temp equipment of the Cool Liner enables the simultaneous transport of goods at different temperatures. Thanks to a new mounting technique, additional evaporators can be flexibly positioned in the vehicle. Thanks to the innovative balancing technology, the Krone Isowall transverse partition, which can be moved longitudinally, can be opened and closed effortlessly and positioned along the entire length of the interior.

The new crash protection concept at the rear offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of equipment variants. Different impact protection systems can be configured from a modular system and even modified in the field if required.


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Dr Bernard Krone looks back on the history of the Cool Liner's development, reports on experiences from the past 25 years and shares memories of very special moments.

For low-noise delivery – especially at night – the Krone Cool Liner can be ordered in a particularly low-noise version. The PIEK equipment ensures that 60 decibels are not exceeded during loading and unloading. This is achieved, among other things, thanks to a special floor in the vehicle and a noise-absorbing coating at the bottom of the side panels.

The new, optimised door seal of the Krone Cool Liner improves the rigidity of the refrigerated body and, in combination with a low door handle position, ensures easier door handling. The Krone Door Protect door locking system combined with Krone Telematics secures the rear doors against unauthorised access and, if desired, also monitors the outer skin of the refrigerated body.

The innovative lighting concept with high-intensity LED interior lights enables optimum illumination of the interior, provides significantly better visibility and thus increases occupational safety during loading and unloading. Optional ambient lighting at the top of the rear provides the best conditions for tail lift operation. Standard brake lights, mounted at the top of the rear and a completely revised wiring system round off the overall concept.

By networking the trailer via the standard Krone telematics, the Cool Liner becomes visible, both in terms of location and operational performance. Not only can the driver modify the settings of the refrigeration unit, but the dispatcher can also access them from his desk via two-way communication if necessary. The optional Smart Capacity Management also recognises free loading capacities – in conjunction with freight exchanges, this can reduce partially loaded journeys and significantly increase the efficiency of transport operations.
In the anniversary year 2021 Krone celebrates its Cool Liner together with its customers, with an exclusively liveried, “25 Years-Edition”.
In the anniversary year 2021 Krone celebrates its Cool Liner together with its customers, with an exclusively liveried, “25 Years-Edition”.

Photo: Krone

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