Clean, quiet and economical

In cooperation with the Dutch company THT New Cool, Krone is able to provide the Cool Liner with a recuperation axle. It makes refrigerated vehicles significantly more environmentally friendly.

upplying refrigeration units with electricity: This promises particularly great potential for protecting the environment. “A conventional refrigeration unit emits roughly 16 times more pollutants than a tractor-trailer in line with the Euro 6 standard”, explains Twan Heetkamp, founder of THT New Cool. Together with Valx, the Dutch company has developed an axle that can be used to drive a refrigeration unit with recuperation energy. THT New Cool in cooperating in this regard with Krone: This makes the Krone Cool Liner the emission-free vehicle of the future. The design that goes by the name “New Cool” consists of a special axle complete with generator, a battery and a fully electric cooling motor. When the vehicle slows down, the energy is converted and stored in a battery pack. The refrigeration machine can then be supplied with power from there. If the vehicle is stationary for a longer period of time, for example overnight, it is charged using mains power.


“We have known Krone for a long time and we approached the company to see if they were open to cooperation”, explains Twan Heetkamp. “We ourselves firmly believe that you can only achieve your goals in cooperation with strong partners. So we sat down and came up with a plan.” Just half a year later, Krone was able to deliver the Cool Liner with New Cool preparation. “For this purpose, the chassis was adapted and corresponding axles were installed so that we can assemble the recuperation system very easily” says Heetkamp. For many years, he ran a large rental company together with his co-founder, Per Ørnstrand. In 2010, the two founded a subsidiary for temperature-controlled transport operations with electric drives.


“We have been operating with two New Cool trailers since 2018 and have already ordered two more. They are quiet and do not emit any emissions – this is an important target that we will have to meet in urban regions from 2025 onwards.”
Sjaak de Vries, Van Straalen en de Vries

“We decided in favour of New Cool trailers for two reasons: On the one hand, we want to show our customers that we are making every effort in terms of environmental protection and achieving a reduction in CO2emissions and, on the other hand, we want to save on fuel.”
Harry Dontje, Hessing


Following its development, the technology was tested in 22 vehicles on the roads in the Netherlands from 2014 to 2017. In 2019, 25 New Cool refrigerated trailers hit the market. “In our home country, the Netherlands, there are already approximately 100 vehicles on the road. But an exciting market for us is also Finland, for example, which is currently our most important export country.”


Electric cooling offers many advantages: As a result, the trailer emits neither CO₂ nor particulate matter, and it is significantly quieter – meaning that it is perfect for delivering goods in cities. And the investment also pays off financially in the long-term: “The purchase price is higher than that of a conventional refrigerated vehicle. On the other hand, the variable costs are much lower. In Germany, in particular, this pays off very quickly thanks to the new CO₂ tax.

Heetkamp also makes reference to the bans due to be enforced: “In the Netherlands, diesel vehicles will no longer be allowed to enter many cities as early as 2025.” The greatest environmental burden is caused by smog: “Conventional refrigeration units are partly responsible for this: They cause 52 per cent of the particulate matter emitted by inner city logistics on balance.” Heetkamp continues to rent out vehicles with his company: “That’s how you can simply try out New Cool and see how it performs in practice” he explains. He sees great potential in the market: “The vehicle is cheaper, cleaner and quieter – so why not make the switch?”
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“New Cool” is a refrigerated trailer which is cleaner, quieter and cheaper to run: The fully electric cooling motor is charged with recuperated energy, as well as overnight, thanks to mains power.

Photos: Krone

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