The lightweight revolution

With the Box Liner eLTU 40/45 light Traction, Krone has developed a chassis that enables more payload with greater stability. At 20-foot rear-flush the chassis generates about the same saddle load as a chassis with centre extension.

nladen weight from 4.2 tonnes, legally compliant transport of heavy containers and around 0.5 litres less fuel consumption per 100 kilometres: With the Box Liner eLTU 40 light Traction, Krone successfully sent one of the lightest chassis in its class into series production at the beginning of this year. It weighs around 800 kilograms less than the predecessor model and thus enables significantly more payload. Due to the patented traction rear with extremely short overhang, the chassis achieves roughly the same vertical load 20- foot rear-flush without an additional, costly centre extension. “You can call that a small revolution”, explains Product Manager Ulrich Josefowitsch. He and his team worked with great intensity on the innovation for almost two years. Delivery to customers began at the end of January this year.


Due to a new EU law, weight checks will be carried out more frequently in future. “This is why you have to place greater emphasis on both the tare weight of the chassis and the correct load distribution for the containers”, explains Josefowitsch. The drive axle of the tractor unit must not be overloaded with heavy 40 or 45-foot containers – just like the axle unit of the trailer with 20-foot containers loaded flush with the rear. In addition, the saddle pressure must be sufficiently high. “We collected our customers’ requirements and addressed them in the form of a new chassis” says the qualified engineer. The desire for flexibility was particularly important, he stresses: “For example, if no tank container can be taken, empty runs occur, which are financially inefficient.”
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After two years of development, the new Box Liner eLTU 40 light Traction is now available. The Krone chassis is lighter yet more stable.


The Box Liner eLTU 45 light Traction is the first multi chassis up to 45-foot with a fix short wheelbase of less than 7.50 metres. This enables optimum load distribution on two-axle tractor units, and yet it can still be used to drive 45-foot containers. This option is made possible by an additional front extension and a rear extension of 2.60 metres. A chassis with a centre extension not only triggers more costs, it also requires more work to operate if the rear and front extension have to be aligned to the respective wheelbase. This step is no longer necessary with the new chassis: Everything is designed to fit perfectly. “We achieve the improved saddle pressure with less effort in the design, and that on its own translates into a cost saving for the customer”, says Josefowitsch. “On top of that, there is the potential to carry more load in full compliance with the law.” Optionally, a central reinforcement for the transport of tank containers is also possible.


With the rear extension, you can choose between a hand crank and a convenient compressed air motor. The compressed air motor offers the advantage that the resulting movement is very even, and it has a significantly longer service life than an air cylinder. In addition, an underride guard that meets the future standard has already been integrated in the Box Liner eLTU 40 light Traction; it complies with the legal regulations applicable from September. Another request from customers was to protect the rear lights from damage, for example when manoeuvring: They are now mounted in the back container beam so that they are virtually unbreakable.

Photos: Krone

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